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Wellbeing Week

Navigating the Unknown

21 – 25 September 2020

Weekdays from 10:00am


You’re the first year ever to have to figure it all out during a pandemic.

Throughout this week we are supporting you both on-air and online with a series of topics to help you navigate these uncertain times.

From socialising at a distance, to keeping your wellbeing and bank balance in check, we’ve got your back – along with a load of special guests to help shed some light on how to handle your new uni life. And for those who aren’t fresh to uni or are working, we have plenty of content for you too.

You can watch all the action from the studio via Instagram and Decadance ONDemand, get in touch with your questions via Whatsapp and texting in and get all the extra support after the shows via this page.

Lock in with us each weekday on air from 10:00am until midday and come and get involved.

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Studio Team

Roxy Roberts

Breakfast Host, Decadance Radio

Roxy is a well-established artist manager, radio presenter and voiceover artist across Brighton & Hove. One half of the new Decadance Breakfast show, Roxy manages multiple acts is a big advocate for mental health within the music industry and wider societies in the city. She will be hosting the Wellbeing Show all week alongside co-host Donna Churchman.


Donna Churchman

Mental Wellbeing Coach, Creative Block & Flow

Donna supports creative students and professionals who struggle with the pressures and demands of life. Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed all have an impact on mental and physical wellbeing as well as the capacity to create and deliver exceptional work. Donna’s aim is to offer help and advice to relieve these struggles and allow yourself to thrive.



Navigating the Unknown

The stress and anxiety over moving to university and the new challenges you face.


Connor Moylett

Education & Employability Officer, Sussex University

Sussex students have never been happy just accepting things the way they are. From marching (from Brighton!) to London in support of Mandela and mass rent-strikes in the 70s and 80s; to taking over University buildings to protest extortionate fees in the 2010s right through to today’s campaign to decolonise our curriculum – Sussex students have always been willing to speak truth to power and demand more from our education. Education & Employability Officer, Connor Moylett, will be coming in to discuss the ways the university will be supporting students in navigating the unknown and how students can engage in the community throughout a pandemic.


Georgina Palezaird

Student Support Services, Waterbear College

Head of the Student Services for Waterbear Music College, Georgina comes with knowledge about how the new challenges and uncertainty faced by students can be faced head on in the year of the unknown.



Socialising & Relationships

Socialising when socially distancing?
New ways to break the ice.


Janelle Sultana

Rox PR

A well-established, multi-disciplined events and marketing company with a powerful influence and strong foothold within the city of Brighton & Hove, Rox has successfully played host to a variety of diverse club nights and live music events across the South Coast for the best part of a decade. No one knows socialising better than Rox does.


Annie O’Connor

Sports, Societies & Events Officer, Sussex University

Annie looks after student organisation – be it through a sports club, society or campaign – and her focus is making the Students’ Union the centre of student organising. She will be discussing communication and support for student groups, as well as linking them together and providing clear channels of communication between themselves and the University.


Student Home Lifes

How do you adjust to all the changes in a new city and new home during a pandemic?


Jaime Sheerin

Student Support Services, BIMM Brighton

A recent graduate of BIMM Music College, Jaime Sheerin, has the lowdown on making the most out of your home life as well as all the changes that come with moving into Brighton.


Gemma Doughty

Project Manager, YMCA Right Here Project

Gemma manages the YMCA Right Here team, an award-winning youth-led, young people’s health and wellbeing project. Her wellbeing advice involves including a quick daily check in each morning. Asking yourself whether you are feeling sociable or quiet, whether you’re tired or full of energy can be beneficial in helping balance the rest of your day with that in mind.



Juggling Finances

Making sure you have enough to get you through to the end of each term.

James McCreath

Financial Advisor, McCreath Financial Partners

After working for some of the UK’s most prominent names in financial services, James set up his own consultancy business in Brighton dealing with support that’s needed when it comes to anything financial. James will be dishing out the hottest tips on managing your finances and giving yourself the best opportunities when it comes to balancing work and student life.


Nehaal Bajwa

Diversity, Access & Participation Officer, Sussex University

Full-time sabbatical officer at University of Sussex Student’s Union, Nehaal will be offering her best advice on how to keep your head screwed on when it comes to money.



Wellbeing & Mental Health

What can you do to help your physical and mental wellbeing throughout term?


Anton Yearwood

Science of Self Realization, Meditation

Anton runs a meditation class for those experiencing (or close to experiencing) burn out and he’ll be sharing practical advice and guidance on how to avoid getting to that stage.


Sunshine Life Yoga / Yoga Foundations

The Sunshine Life Yoga philosophy is simple: Yoga + sunshine = health & happiness. Natalia will be coming in to discuss the ways in which yoga can boost your physical and mental wellbeing all year round.​


Camille Pierson

Founder, The Float Spa

Founder of the Float Spa in Hove, Camille discovered the benefits of floating after facing personal trauma. She is very familiar with the importance of looking after yourself and will be sharing her experience with wellbeing on air.


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