Local radio is back in Brighton!

by | Aug 4, 2020 | News

This Friday Decadance is launching its brand-new radio station for Brighton & Hove with live shows hosted from local presenters and specialist shows hosted by artists from across the city.

From 7:00am listen to Roxy Roberts and Ant Nichols who will be jump starting your day every weekday. Then from 4:00pm get locked into Taylor who gets you home before we kick start your weekend from 6:00pm with Curtis who has been hosting Friday Night Decadance since Easter with some pre-recorded content.

The new programming illustrates the commitment from Decadance to give Brighton back a local radio station and to invest heavily in the local music economy, with new jobs being created and a host of local content and events when it’s socially safe to do so in 2021.

Decadance (as a music marketing company), has been around since 2007. Back then Decadance was a series of monthly club parties run by director Ant Nichols whilst he was working for KISS FMUK and local businessman Matt-Thompson Taylor.

Since then Decadance has grown into a DJ Agency, Media Support, Label, Music Networking Events and more. Earlier this year the team behind Decadance was awarded a local DAB licence to launch a new local station with their plans for future local music industry investment.

Anthony said: “We want to support local DJs and musicians and deliver what Juice 107.2 was doing and more. There will be a traditional radio sound, but it will be a crossover between the music you recognise and the stuff you might not have heard.”

The new live shows from over 30 DJ’s will launch from the station’s brand-new studios in Kemp Town in the heart of Brighton.

Anthony said: “Our aim is simple: to bring great programming to the city with music, a professional platform for local artists and opportunities for the business community, on a level not being done by anyone else currently. The evening shows will all be local DJs and on Sunday evenings we’re going to have an hour of discussion about music and culture in the city and how it could be improved.”

Some of the shows will include The Soundcheck; a show hosted by current and former students at BIMM Brighton music college which will air on Sunday afternoons, with a greater focus on live sessions and local bands and producers from BIMM.

“We’re also running ‘Future Selection’, where anyone who has never been on the radio can submit a mix and we will play it every night from Monday to Thursday.

“We want to find fresh new talent and give people a platform to share their music and we’re going to be offering music production workshops and working with Brighton University and BIMM.”

As well as locking into the Decadance Radio you can listen back to any of the shows and other content including interviews, podcasts, mixes and more by visiting Decadance ONDemand which houses all of the content from across all areas of Decadance. You can also watch the stations livestreams, simply lock into decadanceondemand.com.

Decadance will also be one of the first commercial stations in the UK to launch as a “non-advertisement” station and will rely purely on sponsorship and partnerships.

If you are looking to get into radio or want to boost your music career across a range of platforms you can check out Decadance and get in contact by visiting decadanceradio.com.